Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Smiles

God Smiles

Veena p koul

Mornings are not cool for working people particularly for women. It is a tough time to keep running between kitchen to bath-room, to ward-robe, to dinning-table and so on. You may be mistaken if you think that this exercise is taken up to burn calories. Take my example, I simply keep running as I have to manage home and reach my office in time. After attending to all that seems important at my home, I have literally to run to reach my car to drive it as fast as I can in the terrifying rush of traffic. It is a great relief to see everyone around rushing and driving fast at least faster than the one who is just preceding him/her. You say why relief? Yes, otherwise I would feel I am the only mad person in this world.

However, yesterday in the same rush of madness while on my way to office, I was caught in a traffic jam at one odd point of the road where the Fly-over and the road from Jewel to Tawi Bridge meet, exactly at the point where Tawi Bridge leads to join Vikram Chowk. I saw a group of children around 7 or 8 in number from a distance, holding hands, trying to cross the road very earnestly. Given the circumstances, it is understandable that none of us can afford to wait for a second not to speak of a minute to give these children a safe passage to cross the road. Of course, I am not blaming anybody; after all we are all in a hurry and hence bent upon to over-take each other. I watched the children looking at every passer-by with pleading eyes. A forward jerk moving every vehicle closer to the one in front of them could be seen as if not allowing even air to pass in between. Finally it was my turn to pass that particular point without wasting a second. Suddenly I could feel those innocent pleading eyes watching me as well. I don’t know exactly what struck me that I applied the brakes of my car and waited for these children to pass. Suddenly I saw their eyes turning cheerful and naughty. While they were crossing the road some of them waved at me and some smiled as if they had conquered the world.
It was then that I realized that my waiting for a minute and letting these children cross filled me with happiness. It was share joy to see their eyes radiate light.

I took a pause for a moment and saw them leaving towards my right. From them my eyes happened to glance at the temple. I bowed in obeisance and felt that God was smiling too.


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