Monday, March 28, 2011

You better see!

After a detailed discussion and deliberation in a meeting, the
chairperson turned to the officials around, “you all understand that
this funding agency will sanction funds on your viable projects after
completing all formalities and will immediately send you the first
installment. The 2nd will be released only after you send the U C of
the 1st installment and subsequently 3rd will follow when you clear
the 2nd U C. Is this clear… any doubts?”

He turned his eyes from one official to another to find out the
response. Every one seemed to follow except one. The chairman fixing
his eyes on him, waited for the question to come.

“Sir I couldn’t understand the U C. what is it?”
“Oh! Don’t you understand U C? You don’t know the abbreviations, when
talking in abbreviations is fashion of the day. It seems that you
don’t update your language. In fact it is very important to modernize
yourself …. I mean you have to change with the time…. OMG, OMG, OMG…
height of ignorance…. Now don’t you ask what OMG is? Oh my god… oh my
god… yah, that is what it is. Tell me haven’t u seen every young
person talking in such language these days? Or haven’t u heard all
movies being referred to in abbreviations? You must learn the new
trends. However, to add to your information UC stands for Utilization

“Oh! I understand it,” the person quickly answered.
“Yes, you must.”

After a while of cool-down, the chairperson again continued the
discussion and addressed the people around, “So you all understand
that you have to send UC, one after another, in order to get the regular
installments of funds.”

There came a query from another person, “But Sir, preparation of UC is
hell of a job. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge.”
“That is absolutely fine. You should possess both,” replied the chairperson.

With humbleness in tone the person with query asked again, “sir, but
there are norms to be followed as recommended by the financing agency,
which I am afraid…,”

The chairman, now loosing his patience, asserted, “I am sure you will
learn and understand by and by…. Send the UC and get the funds in

“But, sir?”
“No ifs and buts…. Understand and use the magic of abbreviations. UC
stands for utilization certificate and send it filled in time.
If you are sure you have fulfilled all norms, do write, 'Submitting UC.'
Otherwise you can write, 'Submitting , UC' and they will see it themselves.”

“Oh! IC, IC…. Sure, Sir.”
“Yes, U better C.”
And thereafter the meeting continued..... with eating and cheating......

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